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Derek Galon
Mt Hartman Bay Estate, a luxury residence in Grenada offered for sale by Sotheby's International Realty (office in UK) uses my photographs to conduct marketing and sale.

Real Estate agencies and agents in British Columbia, Vancouver and Victoria often fail to appreciate key element of good sales...

We hear this story over and over. You want to sell your house, select a realtor, pay big money to real estate agency, and agent promises full promotional package. then you see on internet snapshots of your house looking just terrible, not presenting it in any reasonable way. Photos are hurriedly taken using cheap pocket camera, or even a cell phone! Then you are forced to accept deals compromising value of your residence, being told there is not much interest in your place and you need to be "flexible"!

While agents are interested in maximizing their profit, they often fail to recognize that a good photography is perhaps the most important key factor bringing buyers to your property. When one buys a car, there are fancy brochures and sites available, showing the desired model inside, outside, and in every detail, to create great first impression.

People use internet to set their choices before a test drive. Yet, when buying a house - much more risky and complex purchase than a car - buyers are forced to look at amateurish photos not giving any justice to your place. Many buyers check listings from out of province and Internet is their ONLY method of pre-selecting houses they want to see.
So, if your house looks unappealing or even crappy - you lose big bucks. And your inconsiderate agent loses too. It is a fact so simple, yet so often overlooked. Just look at other listings -how many sad, dull photographs do you see? Most of them! Here is your chance to gain the edge over competition, that is - if you know better and are ready to get photos which will make the difference.
If a professional agent sells a house, it is his knowledge and skills which help with sale. But - same with the professional photographer - professional photography skills can help agent and sellers to achieve the goal of best sale. But it is often forgotten, and for some weird reason often assumed that a good realtor must be also a good photographer. Well, rarely so - it is a totally different profession, and if you recognize this fact, you are already on good way to help yourself.
If you are a home owner looking to sell, demand that your agent uses professional photo service specializing in fine architecture imagery - or better yet - you order such photographs - as you know your home much better than any agent, and insist on using them for advertising.
Or, if you are a smart agent ready to take advantage of a professional photographer, create real traffic of buyers with your fantastic looking offer!

I am an art photographer with over 40 years of experience, and one of specializations which brought international awards to me and my books published in Canada and sold internationally - is the architecture photography. (I don't pretend i know how to sell houses. And I know how bad usually realtors' photos are. So, lets stick to what we are really good at, and work together!)
While I often undertake location jobs, travelling to other parts of the world to do photography of amazing properties, I also offer photography services here, in Victoria, Vancouver Island, as well as on Mainland and rest of Canada.   To photograph a typical residence locally, I consider it a small job, therefore my rates are highly affordable - yet my services can make difference counted in TENS OF THOUSANDS Dollars of sale price! When needed, I team up with my photography partner from Vancouver, Lex Nowak - an expert in panorama photography. This can add an interactive virtual tour, and 360 degree panoramas of your house - inside and out. It is an amazing tool, which can tell much more about your home than even a good photo, and is simply incomparable with amateurish snapshots taken by agents, and plaguing real estate listings in British Columbia!
real estate photography services
A small residence near Victoria, BC, Canada takes advantage of our panorama to show the unique setting and privacy created by their 2 acres of surrounding land.

Please see examples of our photography services, as well as some of my credits.  On other pages you will find more info about me, my services and more photographs, as well as details of our other professional offers.
For more info send me an email (to: [email protected] ) and lets take it from there - instantly improving your chances for a decent sale of your property, home, or other real estate.

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More samples and info here, and also by using navigation on top of page. More of my architecture photographs are here.

Some of Derek's Recent clients:
Cap Maison Resort (St Lucia), Lane Pettigrew Architects (LPA Inc, Florida, USA), Jalousie Plantation - Sugar Beach Estate Resort (St Lucia), Mount Hartman Bay Estate (Grenada), Fort Young Hotel (Dominica).
Along with long-time partners Margaret  (art historian, writer), Lex (photo panorama expert), and Anna (creative editor) Derek runs Ozone Zone Books publishing company. One of my recent books won Benjamin Franklin Book Excellence Award 2010 in New York.
Derek - an award-winning photographer - also offers independently his photography services both for local customers in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – and for customers requiring fine photography taken in various locations around the world. He delivered many fine images to most prestigious clients.
Having a vast experience in architecture photography, landscape, nature, various styles of portraits, nude art and situation photography – he takes photos of exclusive residences and mansions for display,  advertising or archival purposes, fine art portraits and more. He can also undertake photography of real estate in Canada at really affordable rates. For more information or quotes, please contact our office.
To see the offer of Ozone Zone, including wider services combining fine photography with production of books, brochures, publishing, etc..  please see custom work section of Ozone Zone Books site

On top of  Ozone Zone Books' hard-cover publications, Derek's fine photographs has been published by many premier architecture magazines, life-style magazines and newspapers, including:
Debbie Travis - Caribbean Charm, April 18 2010
Luxury Home Quarterly – Summer 2010 (main feature - 26 pages)
Building Savvy magazine vol.2 2010
ZING magazine (in-flight Liat airlines) vol.8 Summer 2010
Good Life Connoisseur magazine (Heat Wave feature) Summer 2010
Trellis – Toronto Botanical Garden mag. Winter 2011, vol.38, nr 1
ZING magazine (in-flight Liat airlines) vol.10 Jan-March 2011, and others...