Derek Galon  -Fine Glamour
Photography Services
in Victoria, BC, Canada.


Art Photography Plus:
nude art, pin-up, romantic couples, portraits, burlesque & more + full design and printing.

Glamour Photography Services – Highlighting Your Natural Beauty

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Art Glamour photography services, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC.

Beauty in all its forms has been my passion since early years. I studied fine arts in Europe, and have close to 40 years' experience in photography. Over the years, I won numerous photography awards and exhibited my works in Europe and Canada. Customers around the world have bought my art, and one of my photography coffee-table books recently won a prestigious Benjamin Franklin award in New York.

I do many types of photography and my work often takes me to amazing, exotic, remote locations. But while back in Victoria – my home city – I am happy to offer personal art photography services to a very select clientèle.
I mean, to people who prefer fresh ideas and an artistic-eye approach over worn stereotype set-ups of the average run-of the-mill studios, and clichéd routine – a sure killer of any artistic aspirations. Most of my clientèle are women, so this text is chiefly addressed to ladies, but naturally I do also take photographs of men, or couples.

When I offer you my services, my goal first and foremost is of course to ensure that you take away pictures that you're completely thrilled with; but also, to make the whole experience from start to finish one of comfortable confidence and refined elegance. My service and photography are personal - your session is totally unique, fully designed around you.
Whatever your desired style is:
study portraits, make-over portraits, glamour, pin-up, romantic couple, boudoir, nude art, and various other.

For whatever purpose you want them: as your personal treasure to keep for years, a portfolio for modelling work, an exquisite, romantic gift – you name it.

Your pictures will:
- Accentuate your natural beauty,
- Bring out the Inner You,
- Give the perfect gift to your partner, husband (or wife), your bride-groom on your wedding night,
- Spark or re-ignite your romance,
- Rediscover your beauty as a woman - especially if you're a mum,
- Be your personal fine art piece to enjoy and cherish,
And your experience will give you a welcome confidence boost.

Quality boudoir, glamour photos can have a real life changing effect with new-found confidence.
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